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Book a session with our established industry producers, writers, artist, and A&Rs to build out your musical ideas. Here at CrownLuv Entertainment we offer services regarding musical production, studio space, writing & mixing. Veteran members within the music industry will help you with your project in any way possible.

Music Production

Only for $379.99

For so many good reasons, you've decided to hire a music producer. Now you're starting your search for candidates. It's exciting, a bit like a first date. You're not hiring a plumber; you're trying to find your partner in art. Someone you'll have to

Vocal Production

Only for $699.99

A good way to find the right singer for you is to listen to their samples. Their samples are likely a good representation of the style, color and quality of their voice. Read reviews from previous clients, and make sure to always contact the singers

Lyrics Production

Only for $960

These professional lyric writers can transform your melodic ideas into a polished song

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